Ian Altman helps his clients discover how to become outrageously successful targeting and winning business.

They learn how to flip the buyer-seller dynamic on its head, regain control of the sales process, and earn the role of trusted advisor to dramatically grow revenue.

When CEOs, Business Owners, and VPs of Sales come to Ian for help, these are some of the common challenges and problems he helps them solve.

We need to engage our entire organization to grow revenue.

Our forecasts are less reliable than we would like.

We invest so much time and money during the sales process, that we have no choice but to discount in the 11th hour to get the deal.

We seem to do a ton of work and have no comfort about if or when sales will close.

Ian’s clients call on him to provide:

See what people are saying:

Our clients have embraced our sharp focus on impact and results. Ian’s Same Side Selling has shifted our discussions from price to value. We’ve landed on the Inc. 5000 each of the past two years by repeatedly growing more than 25% year over year and more than doubled our business in just three years.

Colin Eagen

CEO, E Group

We engaged Ian Altman to speak to our entire sales and leadership team. Before we even got started there was some skepticism and initial reluctance about Ian’s novel approach. Now, we’ve grown more than 55% over the past year, and everyone is singing his praises. Our highest performer openly admitted in a company meeting that after only two months, Ian’s sales approach has completely changed the way he approaches sales – He’s become even more successful.

Howard Rogers

CEO, BrightClaim

Who’s not a good fit?

For the right organizations, Ian has a strong track record of achieving extraordinary results. But, there are a few attributes that would indicate that we won’t have a good fit. We work hard to avoid those situations where I might not be able to deliver the results my clients expect. Some attributes that might be a sign of a bad fit include:


If your organization is OK being the low bidder.


If you are OK using deception and manipulation to get business.


If you want results without recognizing that it takes some work.


If you think growing revenue is someone else’s job.

Are you ready to grow your revenue?

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