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Organizations count on Ian to educate, engage, and inspire audiences. Sellers and non-salespeople discover how to sell with integrity – based on Ian’s powerful, yet simple approach called Same Side Selling. With proven methods centered on today’s customer, Ian attendees drive dramatic results for businesses across industries. Find Out More

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Companies engage Ian to modernize their sales and marketing approach to align with how customers actually make buying decisions. Discover how Ian’s strategic guidance can help your organization produce more revenue from fewer opportunities.  Find Out More

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Gain Customer Insight The Right Way | Bob London

Bob London shares proven techniques to help you better understand your customer needs and perspective.

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Same Side Selling gives practical steps to break through sales barriers and turn confrontation into cooperation. Sellers that implement the Same Side Selling approach will be seen as a valuable resource, not a predatory peddler.
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Same Side Quadrant Journal helps you maintain focus on gathering the right pieces of information during a business meeting to tell you if an opportunity is real or not real.  Stop going on “business dates,” and start DOING BUSINESS!  Find Out More




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