Growing revenue means aligning strategy, sales, channel, and skills to deliver value. All of these elements must focus on how and why business leaders make buying decisions.

Are you empowering your team with the right resources to succeed? Do you focus on accounts where you offer the strongest value and market differentiation?  Would the baseball player hitting 0.127 do better if we just gave them more at-bats? How is that different than delivering more leads to a sales team?

Define Value

What percentage of your time to you spend on features and benefits compared to value? How do you invest in defining strategy to maximize value? Do your sales professionals present features and benefits? Do those features and benefits translate to clear value for customers? Ever ask “why doesn’t the customer get it?” Learn how to ensure that your message matters to your customer. Most importantly, know when it is time to walk away from a deal that is not going to happen.

Identify Product Vision

Is your product vision aligned with customer challenges and goals? What if you knew the exact target before presenting your product or service? Could you hit the mark any better if that were the case?

Deliver Unique Value Proposition

How can you raise barriers to entry for your competitors? Should you align with strategic partners? In a world with growing competition, how can you set yourself apart from your competitors?

Align Selling Skills

Do your sales professionals present products and services or are they the a trusted advisor? Why is it important to understand the impact of your solution to the specific customer?