CEO’s, Executives, Sales Leaders, and Professionals call on Ian when they need a boost in the arm to grow revenue.

  • They are wasting too much time on deals that go nowhere;
  • They often compete on price, even though they offer strong value;
  • They realize that they give away too much free advice during the sales process; or
  • They are not sure if their lack of sales is a result of selling skills, product features, messaging, or approach. Regardless, their message is falling on deaf ears.
Regardless of which situation you face,  Upside-Down Selling is a step-by-step, proven system to help you quickly get to the truth in complex selling situations. Discover that sales is not about persuasion. Rather, sales is about wasting as little time as possible on weak opportunities, and setting your sights on strategic deals that can help you grow at extraordinary levels. Turn the traditional, frustrating sales approach on its ear with Upside-Down Selling.
Clients engage me to help in one or more of three capacities:
  1. Speaking at  retreats, conferences, or meetings to provide insight, inspiration, and motivation about how to reverse the buyer-seller dynamic;
  2. Leading workshops of professionals on specific steps they can take to reverse the buyer-seller dynamic to get to the truth in selling situations.  Ultimately, learn how to avoid playing fetch with prospects where you are the dog;
  3. Working with their leadership on a regular schedule to teach the Upside-Down Selling program,  define strategic targets, and provide ongoing mentoring to help them become outrageously successful targeting and winning business.
Unfortunately, I cannot have a dramatic impact on every organization I meet. I’d be happy to discuss your specific situation to see whether or not we might have a fit.