As the world tunes in to watch the FIFA World Cup, you can’t help but instantly hear the droning sound that one might mistake for a huge swarm of bees. Actually, the sound comes from a plastic horn called the vuvuzela.  An interesting thing happens, though.  As much as we notice the sound when we first turn on the game, eventually your mind ignores the noise and it fades to the background.

In sales, when you do not follow a process and manage expectations, you might end up placing multiple calls and sending many emails asking about the status of the deal. In so doing, you shift from a trusted advisor to a household pest.  And like the vuvuzela, your client might initially find your “noise” annoying, but they eventually learn to ignore it.

Remember to focus on the issue, impact, and importance for your clients. Dates have little meaning unless accompanied by “why” a date is important. If you are calling to find out how your client might meet their important deadline instead of meeting your quota, you might rise above the noise.

What ideas do you have to ensure you don’t blend into the background?