• How much time do you spend pursuing opportunities that could double your business?
  • How often do you submit proposals where you have a minimal chance of success?
  • What could happen if you discovered opportunities where you had the best chance to win?

Unique Value Proposition (UVP) Analysis

I work with your team to define your Unique Value Proposition.  We look at areas where you can clearly stand out from the competition.  And, don’t worry, most companies start by thinking that they do the same things as their competitors. We look beyond the services you provide to tip the scales in your favor to target and win strategic accounts – the types of accounts that can change your business and help you become outrageously successful.

In some cases it means leveraging what you already have. In other cases, we might combine complementary components to uniquely meet the needs of customers. Your product development, marketing, and sales each must be aligned with your unique selling proposition – and in turn, we ensure that your sales and executive teams can quickly identify the clients who are the best fit – keeping you away from the wrong prospects who steal resources and seek free consulting.