The Upside-Down Selling system is a step-by-step, integrity-based system to shorten sales cycles, grow average deal size, and accelerate finding the truth in complex selling situations.

Upside-Down Selling Participants Discover 5 Things that Grow Revenue:

  1. Why buyers buy, and how to keep our message on target
  2. Which opportunities are ripe for the picking, and which ones are rotten
  3. How to minimize time and money wasted on deals that will never happen
  4. How to reverse the buyer-seller dynamic so they sell you;
  5. How to avoid the most common pitfalls in 3 areas of sales:

What if you could spend less and close more business? Upside-Down Selling gives you the system, skills, practical exercises, and hands-on support to sharpen your focus and know which prospects have earned your attention, and which ones have not. You just might realize life-changing results.

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Discover how to reverse the buyer-seller dynamic with a step-by-step repeatable process and waste less time chasing bad deals.

What would happen if you became  your prospect’s trusted advisor, not a pest trying to sell them something? Does your sales forecast or pipeline resemble a wish list or reality?

It’s Pre-Season Training for Revenue

Just like top athletes, top executives, entrepreneurs, and sales professionals attend “spring training” each year to hone their skills. Goal oriented professionals constantly take their game to the next level. Most of our clients have already realized some success – we help them become outrageously successful targeting and winning business.

“Upside-Down Selling shortened our sales cycle, swiftly eliminated garbage opportunities, and generated a 3-to-1 return on investment after only 6 months. Ian established a step-by-step approach to focus squarely on those organizations where we could make the greatest impact on their business. In a highly competitive field, we now stand taller than our competitors” Joe Appelbaum – President, The Potomac Companies

Practice Makes Permanent

Reinforcement is critical for success. Practice makes permanent. Sticking to that principle, the Upside-Down Selling Immersion class is one part of the program.  Upside-Down Selling attendees also receive follow-on activity and interaction to reinforce concepts, address challenges, and deliver results. It takes extra time and effort from each of us, but it is worth the investment of our time to become outrageously successful targeting and winning business.

A Free Sample of Upside-Down Selling

Want to get a taste of the Upside-Down Selling philosophy?  Feel free to click below to watch the Webinar where Hinge Marketing asked Ian to present How to Close the Professional Services Sale.  

We look forward to your comments about the best take-away from the webinar. Please share your thoughts about topics you would like to see in future webinars or blog posts.