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Why Sales Is Not Just About The Numbers

What To Do When Clients Go Radio Silent And Other Listener Questions

September 17, 2017
Have you ever spent time building and nurturing relationships with clients only to have them suddenly shut down on you? They don’t return your phone calls, respond to your emails or give you any reason for their disappearance. It’s a common complaint I hear from salespeople. What do you do when a hopeful prospect suddenly goes silent?
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Howard Rogers | How One Company Went From 30 Million In Sales To 100 Million In A Few Years

September 10, 2017
On today’s episode, I talk to Howard Rogers, founder and CEO of BrightClaim. Howard and I talk about the specific strategies his company used to achieve its goals, where he looked for acquisitions, how his team communicates to customers and the biggest lessons he’s learned along the way.
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Dustin Mathews | How To Give Powerful Presentations That Wow

September 2, 2017
My guest today is going to explain how to turn drab presentations into a powerful ones that move people to buy your products, book your services and support your ideas. He’s developed a 5-part system that is going that will help you prepare for and dominate your next sales presentation.
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Tucker Max | How A Book Can Increase Your Reputation, Expertise and Bottom Line

August 28, 2017
Whatever prejudices you may have about writing a book, set them aside because my guest today is going to make you rethink all the notions you have of what a book is (and isn’t) and what it can do for your business. 
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Why Sales Is Not Just About The Numbers

Breaking Bad Habits, and Why Questions Are Way More Powerful Than Statements and Giving Demos

August 20, 2017
In Same Side Selling, I talk a lot about showing clients the value of your solution. Focusing on "issues, impacts and results" will inevitably lead to sales based on extraordinary value. Too often, though, in the rush to get the order, sales people ignore basic tenets. They focus on the features of their products instead of the needs of the client. They talk more than they listen. And they make blanket statements instead of asking more questions.
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Gerry Lantz | How To Make Boring Messages Come Alive With Brand Storytelling

August 13, 2017
Good stories have the power to transcend and transform. They have the power to move an audience and incite change. Think about the last time you heard a good story. Did it cause you to stop, lean in and listen? Did you walk away feeling or thinking differently?
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John Cousineau | How Curiosity Leads to Better Results

John Cousineau | How Curiosity Leads to Better Results

August 6, 2017
How do speakers turn average talks into great experiences that leave audiences feeling inspired and energized? It turns out, great presentation skills can be learned.
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Phil Jones | Learn ‘Exactly What To Say’ in Sales Conversations

July 30, 2017
Today, we talk specifically about the problems sales professionals encounter when they communicate with potential clients, the mistakes they make when offering their products or services and why their word choices are critical to sealing the deal.
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Stephen Shapiro | Why Companies Fail At Innovation (And What They Can Do About It)

July 23, 2017
Today, Stephen helps companies think about and implement their own innovation programs in exciting and effective ways that give them a competitive edge in their industries. Differentiation, he says, is the key ingredient to innovation.
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Why Sales Is Not Just About The Numbers

Celebrating Episode 100! And An Exciting New Announcement

July 16, 2017
This week we celebrate episode 100 of the podcast! I want to extend a personal thank you to everyone who's supported the show by leaving a review and sharing the podcast with their friends and family. When I first started the show a few years ago, I wasn’t sure I’d get to episode ten, let alone 100. But here we are, 100 episodes later. It’s because of listeners like you the show is a success.
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