Same Side Selling Immersion Program With Ian Altman

Do these sound familiar?

  • You and your potential customer seem to be working against each other.
  • Your client only cares about price.
  • Or, what if you could burn fewer resources and close more business?

Join Ian Altman for a group session to give your team the skills, practical exercises, and hands-on support to sharpen focus and discover how to grow revenue with integrity.

During the full-day immersion program you will discover



  • Solving vs. Selling
  • How Customers Make Decisions
  • Selling on Value vs. Price
  • Elevator Rants and Entice/Disarm/Discover


  • Controlling the conversation flow
  • The Who, When, Why of Decisions
  • Discovering Competitive Position
  • Handling Pricing Pressure
  • Tactics for handling objections
  • How to Capture the Information You Need to Succeed


  • Same Side Improv (a fun way to practice and “role play”)

Who Should Attend

  • Executives of products and/or service companies
  • Leaders of professional services firms
  • Sales professionals that want better control of the sales process
  • Non-salespeople who want to boost their value

Group Size

  • For maximum impact, workshops best serve of 5 to 50 attendees, tailored to the group’s interests and needs.

Ready to find out if a Group Session aligns with your goals?  

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Outstanding content and value. Ian presents a whole different mindset for selling. In several weeks it already is making a difference with me and with our company. I anticipate that we will look back at Ian’s training as a hallmark moment in the history of our company, when throughout many levels in our company we really learned to sell!

Michael Engels

Chief Investment Officer/Partner, CWS Capital Partners

To say Ian’s expertise has benefited our business would be a huge understatement. Our company has more than doubled in size by following the Same Side Selling Method. After seeing Ian speak in Newcastle, UK, I immediately read his book Same Side Selling, which has completely transformed how we approach business development. We now always look for the right fit, not just the sale. Aside from helping us win better quality business, Ian’s insights (especially from his weekly podcast) help us retain clients, sell based on value vs. price, and can better demonstrate the impact of our creative work for our clients even more. I am a massive fan.

Raman Sehgal

ra marketing

The entire team benefited from his workshop, and it has already changed how we approach new clients and help them achieve their goals.

Read Rob’s article about the workshop with his team: Always Pushing to Get Better

Rob Hale

President, ECS Team

I left the session feeling armed, empowered and excited use the Same Side Selling methodology in my day-to-day interactions with clients!

Brandy Hammond

E2G The Equity Engineering Group

Our team found Ian to be engaging, entertaining, and thought provoking. We can easily implement his message about value selling.

Joe Appelbaum

President, The Potomac Companies

Ian presented invaluable sales guidence in an fun, interactive and engaging style. His honest, disarming approach to sales should resonate with any sales professional who wants to achieve dramatically greater results and maintain a high level of integrity.

Ben Foreman

LPL Financial

About Ian Altman

Ian helps his clients discover how to Modernize Sales and Marketing for today’s customer. He is an internationally respected and sought after expert on business, innovation, collaboration, and growth. Ian contributes weekly leadership articles on and His latest bestselling book, Same Side Selling, is “one of two intriguing books you should read on B2B consultative selling” according to business luminary, Seth Godin. Ian hosts a weekly Business Cast, a podcast providing Unconventional Strategies for Selling, Innovation, and Leadership.

Prior to forming his current company, Ian served as CEO of technology and business services companies for two decades. He sold his companies and served as Managing Director of the acquiring company where Ian’s leadership grew these companies into businesses valued at more than $1 billion.

Ready to find out if a Group Workshop aligns with your goals?

New cities will be added to the schedule based on interest from organizations.