Creating loyalty, creating loyal customers in a community around your product or service, is the best way that we’ve found…to keep yourself safe and secure and successful in the age of disruption.

-Alison Stratten

Technology has revolutionized the way we do business. From email to video conferencing to social media, today businesses can connect with their customers and each other in ways they never fathomed 50 years ago. Technology has given businesses the ability to expand their reach: further, cheaper and faster than ever before. But while technology has modernized business functions, it hasn’t changed the fundamentals upon which great businesses are built: to create fantastic products and services that lead to happy customers.

My guest today says too many businesses get distracted with the latest apps and gizmos, forgetting why they’re in business in the first place: to serve their customers.

On today’s edition of the Grow My Revenue podcast, I speak with Alison Stratten, co-author of five business books on marketing & sales and co-owner of UnMarketing Inc. Alison and her husband, Scott Stratten, have written a new book, UnBranding: 100 Branding Lessons In The Age Of Disruption. In it, they profile 100 companies who have gotten branding right.

Alison and I talk about the biggest mistakes companies make when it comes to branding; how companies can remain relevant and ready in the age of disruption; and why companies should encourage and empower their employees to be brand ambassadors.

Creating loyalty…around your product or service is the best way that we’ve found to keep yourself safe and secure and successful in the age of disruption,” Alison says.

I know you’re going to love this discussion, and you’re going to learn a ton from Alison Stratten on this edition of Grow My Revenue!

Listen to this episode and discover:

  • Why ‘shiny object syndrome’ is the biggest obstacle to great branding.
  • The most important question to ask before committing to any new social media platforms.
  • What great companies like Ritz Carlton or Chuck E. Cheese do to attract raving fans.
  • The 4 C’s of creating loyalty and keeping customers happy.
  • And so much more…

Episode Overview

Alison is the co-author of five best selling business books. She and her husband are co-owners of UnMarketing Inc. and co-hosts of not only The UnPodcast, but also have five children, two dogs and two cats. Businesses like PepsiCo, Saks Fifth Avenue, IBM, Cirque du Soleil, Microsoft and others have been brave enough to want their advice, to the point that Scott has been named one of the Top 5 Social Media Influencers in the world by Alison and Scott now spend their time keynoting around the world and realize they rank 10th and 11th in order of importance in their home.

In this episode, Alison talks about:

  • Why companies need to hire good employees, value them and empower them to make decisions for the good of the customer.
  • How one man’s dog poop debaucle became a viral sensation and how one company turned his tragedy into an example of excellent customer service.
  • Why social media is not the be-all and end-all of business.

“We spend so much time as brands trying to chase after the technology to push things out…and the trick is just to focus on your business and do good work,” Alison says.

Tune in for all of these nuggets of wisdom, and more, on today’s Grow My Revenue with Alison Stratten.


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