If we just focus on this week, this month, this quarter from our perspective … then we seem like a desperate pushing sales person and that’s going to repel people away, not draw them to us.” – Ian Altman

Sales quotas are meant to help businesses achieve incremental goals. But, if they become the primary focus for the seller to ‘just close deals’ without the client’s best interest in mind, then you put so much at risk for your business.

On this episode, I share insight to help you get on the same side with your client when handling deadlines and sales quotas in a way that’s beneficial for everyone.

Listen to this episode and discover:

  • Common mistakes salespeople make when focused on closing deals to hit their quota.
  • Why it’s better to miss your quota than to sell to the wrong customer.
  • Some things you can do to sell in a client-centric manner instead of a deadline-centric manner.
  • And so much more…

Episode Overview

Happy customers are the key to good business. So, it’s important for salespeople to fight the urge to succumb to deadlines. After all, when you’re striving to hit a deadline, you often forget that a client might not actually need the thing you sell.

We have to make sure that, no matter when the deadline is, we only sell to people who can truly get value from our product.

This issue is so important, which is why I’m doing this episode.

Today, I talk about:

  • How discounts can actually do more harm than good (even when the profit is substantial).
  • Creating a false sense of urgency is never a good strategy.
  • How thinking from your client’s perspective will help you close more deals.

Are you rushing to hit your sales quota before the incentive deadline? Do you constantly worry about not having the right numbers at the end of the week (or month, or year)? Well, this episode is for you! Tune in to Same Side Selling to hear my advice!

This episode is also available on The Same Side Selling YouTube Channel.


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What’s On Your Mind

As always, this episode provides inspiration, entertainment, and an actionable message that can drive remarkable results. If you have any questions for a future episode, contact me.

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