On today’s episode, returning guest Bob London joins me to discuss some potentially scary B2B marketing gimmicks. With everyone competing for attention, some folks are resorting to outrageous levels to find prospects.

We start by answering a question from one listener. They want to know if 23andMe could make a good prospecting tool. Think about it–they get their results, see who their cousins are, and reach out to all of their relatives who could have buying power.

The question sparked an interesting discussion about good and bad prospecting techniques. Tune in to hear some marketing gimmicks you and your business should avoid.

Listen to this episode and discover:

  • How marketing gimmicks can hurt your reputation
  • Why authenticity is the best approach to sales
  • The things you can do to form stronger connections with prospects
  • And so much more…

Episode Overview

Bob London is the founder and CLO of Chief Listening Officers, a marketing strategy firm. Like myself, Bob believes that the most important thing we can do is provide our customers with real value. Gimmicky marketing techniques are usually antithetical to real value.

In this episode, Bob and I talk about:

  • Why using 23&Me for prospecting is a dangerous idea.
  • How it represents a larger trend in B2B marketing.
  • Cold calls versus warm context
  • Building trust rather than eroding it
  • Connecting with prospects on a deeper level

“There is a lot of over the top marketing out there”, says Bob. Bob goes on to explain what he joking refers to as the “ROI – Return on Intrusiveness”. People believe the end justifies the means and think if I call people enough times, annoy them enough times, that they will respond.  As marketing and sales professionals, we need to tune out the noise and focus on adding value for prospects and customers.

Tune into this episode of Same Side Selling to hear more!

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What’s On Your Mind

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