“It’s all about creating the conditions where, in one minute, you have the opportunity to close a million-dollar deal because you’ve set everything up correctly.” – Dave Lorenzo

My guest this week, Dave Lorenzo recently published a book entitled 60 Second Sale: The Ultimate System for Building Lifelong Client Relationships in the Blink of an Eye.

You’re probably asking yourself, “60 seconds? How could anyone possibly make a sale in one minute? Is that even possible?”

According to Dave, probably not. But, the idea of a 60-second sale is one that can help salespeople perform better. He joins me on Same Side Selling to talk about his book and share some of the topics addressed in it. You’re going to love this one!

Listen to this episode and discover:

  • What he means by a “60-second sale”
  • Why strong relationships are the key to closing deals.
  • How to network even if you’re uncomfortable around people.
  • And so much more…

Episode Overview

Dave is a sales leadership strategist, keynote speaker, and author. As a consultant, he’s worked with top-tier companies like Dunkin Donuts, LL Bean, Pfizer, Marriott, and others.

His newest book is receiving critical acclaim. As sales thought leader Mark Roberge writes, “60 Second Sale shows you how to get inside the mind of the buyer, keep their needs front and center, and help them become more successful. This makes you their natural choice. It’s brilliant!”

In this episode, Dave talks about:

  • Some key elements of 60 Second Sale.
  • Why every person in your network is important.
  • Building relationships to make selling easier.
  • How entrepreneurs can overcome a plateau in sales.
  • What good salespeople can do to become great.

Dave and I share a deep love of sales. Like myself, he goes out of his way to engage with salespeople just to watch how they sell. “I go to every timeshare pitch,” he says, laughing. “I just want to see what they’re going to do.”

Logically, it makes sense that someone who loves sales so much would be so knowledgeable about it. Tune in to hear what Dave Lorenzo has to say!



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What’s On Your Mind

As always, this episode provides inspiration, entertainment, and especially an actionable message that can drive remarkable results – and if you have any questions for a future episode, contact me.

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