“It’s about adding value to your contacts.

– Derek Coburn

When you think of networking what do you think of? Big events full of people who are really just there to get more leads for themselves? If you do, you’re in good company. Most people dread networking events, mixers and the like.

One man who is changing that is Derek Coburn, our guest for today’s episode. He is the de facto expert on the topic of networking and how to build your own valuable network. He’s also the best-selling author of Networking Is Not Working, and the founder of Cadre, the most respected networking group on the planet.

On this show we’ll talk about mistakes most people make when trying to build their network, how you can build valuable connections (without going to mixers) and how to create an amazing network for your clients that leads to more business for them and for you.

When it comes to networking, Derek has seen it all and has the wisdom to prove it.You won’t want to miss his actionable insights on this episode of Grow My Revenue!

Listen to this episode and discover:

  • The two most common networking mistakes according to Derek.
  • Why handwritten notes to new contacts are a bad idea.
  • What are the differences of networking 1.0, 2.0 and 3.0?
  • Why Cadre is called an “un-networking group”.
  • How to know when to be a good connector and when to be a good curator.
  • And so much more!

Episode Overview

When most of us think of networking we think of crowds of people stuffed into a ballroom or restaurant, all with the same intention: get more leads for their business. Some of these groups are better at bringing in people who actually care about other participants, but those are in the minority.

Someone who has found a much better way of growing a network and creating lasting, valuable relationships is Derek Coburn. Derek’s networking group in the Washington DC area, called Cadre, is a shining example of how networking can be used to foster partnerships, business relationships, expanded networks and even friendships.

As someone who has had success in his chosen field, financial planning, Derek had been to many different networking events and groups. He had paid a lot of money for some, but even in those he didn’t necessarily find that people were there for anything other than themselves.

So he and his wife founded Cadre. He wanted to create a group of people who were genuine givers, people who were successful and influential and could devote time to knowing others and learning about how to help them. They weren’t sure if it would work or not, and in fact didn’t charge anyone for the first two months! They simply wanted to to test out their idea and see if it was valid.

And it was. By not allowing direct solicitation and vetting every member who came in, they created a group where people could let their guard down. As a result more work partnerships, referrals and relationships were built. Today Cadre is one of the elite networking groups in the world.

But your ability to create and grow your network doesn’t have to rely on a group like Cadre. Derek suggests you use this key tactic: If you’re on a retainer, or have recurring revenue model then set aside 10-20 min to interview some select clients. Very few of us have had a conversation about who the ideal client is for their client. Do you know how to recognize those ideal clients when you’re talking to them?

Have conversations with these select clients and find the answers to these questions. Derek describes it as being like an extension of your client’s sales team. He recommends you tell them that: you really want understand how to introduce them to prospective clients and add revenue to their bottom line.

Derek explains this process in full on this show, as well as how to trigger ongoing reciprocation, the two most common networking mistakes he sees and why it’s important to maximize our existing relationships and network before trying to expand it. There’s so much more to networking than most of us have been told, and Derek dives in deep during this episode of Grow My Revenue.

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Networking Is Not Working, by Derek Coburn

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