It’s a mistake to think your customer service is already great.” – Geoff Ramm

Businesses can easily fall into the trap of thinking the customer service experience is all about ‘going the extra mile’ or ‘trying to exceed exceptions’. When in fact as Geoff Ramm explains these phases are 30- 40 years old and misconceptions about how to approach our level of service. There is a better approach to completely redefine our levels of customer service.

On this Same Side Selling episode, Geoff joins me to share a different perspective on how to service your customers.

Listen to this episode and discover:

  • The biggest mistakes businesses make when it comes to the customer experience.
  • Some steps you can take to create a “Wow!” factor in your customer engagements.
  • A few things you can do to provide celebrity-level service to your clients.
  • And so much more…

Episode Overview

Geoff Ramm is the creator and author of Celebrity Service & OMG Marketing. He has challenged and inspired audiences across six continents to create award-winning ideas to outperform the competition. Geoff knows the Jedi Mind Trick to make you craved by your customers, envied by your competitors and raved about in your industry. His methods have helped companies such as Emirates, Specsavers, McDonald’s, Xerox and IHG.

In this episode, Geoff talks about:

  • How some businesses become complacent about their customer service.
  • Why you can’t always trust statistics and customer reviews to gauge your clients’ happiness.
  • The danger of cliche phrases like “Go the extra mile!”.
  • A few personal anecdotes about stellar customer service experiences.
  • Nine specific ways to deliver top-notch service to your customers.

Geoff emphasizes that the customer experience is always a work in progress. In other words, it’s never finished.

In order to continually provide top-notch service, business owners should always rethink what their customers need and how they can provide it better. “We can’t just ‘set the bar’,” he says, “We need to melt the bar, do something else, create some different way of working where everyone in the world is talking about your business and your experience.”

So, if you think you’re doing the best job possible, think again. Tune into this episode of Same Side Selling to get some tips from Geoff Ramm!



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What’s On Your Mind

As always, this episode provides inspiration, entertainment, and especially an actionable message that can drive remarkable results – and if you have any questions for a future episode, contact me.

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