“Make them feel like they’re the most important person in the room because they’re not necessarily getting it consistently from other others. That skill set alone will make you stand out, which means it makes you memorable.” – Stacey Hanke

Influence is not something you can turn on or turn off during high stakes moments. Instead, it comes down to constant practice. Stacey Hanke is the author of the book: Influence Redefined – Be the leader you were meant to be Monday to Monday. Stacey shares everything you need to successfully build trust and influence others to take action.

You’re going to learn a ton from Stacey Hanke!

Listen and Discover

  • Three key elements that can really enhance your ability to influence others.
  • Ways to avoid the biggest traps people fall into when it comes to influencing others.
  • The ability to drive people to take action long after the interaction has occurred.
  • Specific ways that you can get input and advice to shape how you appear to other people.
  • And much more…


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