“Yes, a purchase price is of course important, but total cost of ownership is much more important.– Jack Quarles

There’s this idea that B2B buyers in purchasing and procurement are only concerned about one thing…price. While that might be the stereotypical, old-school approach to the B2B buying process, forward-thinking companies and buyers take a different approach.  There are new and more innovative ways to work with purchasing and procurement in an effort to generate a better outcome for both you and the customer.

On this episode, my coauthor of Same Side Selling Jack Quarles joins us to talk about innovation and procurement. We also discuss the sales mindset around purchasing and procurement as a whole.

Listen to this episode and discover:

  • The biggest challenges or misconceptions people face when it comes to dealing with procurement.
  • What to say to procurement if they say your prices are too high.
  • The questions that you can ask to position the conversation around value versus price.
  • And so much more…

Episode Overview

Jack Quarles is an international speaker and trainer, a consultant, and a three-time Amazon #1 Bestselling Author. His work is focused on making improved investments: of time and money; of energy and focus.

In this episode, Jack talks about:

  • New and innovative ways to think about working with purchasing and procurement.
  • Questions you should be asking in order to move the conversation from seller to buyer.
  • Trends that he sees happening in procurement.
  • The importance of conversations between salespeople and procurement.

Jack shares that “just as the salespeople need to sort of sell the procurement team and get them on board, it’s often the case that the procurement person is then selling to their inside team.” Quarles explains that it’s crucial that all parties feel comfortable and that you don’t go on with the assumption that you’re fighting against each other; because, as we all know, the aim is to find the end goal together.

Are you ready to transform your approach to working with purchasing, procurement, and today’s B2B buyer? Tune into Same Side Selling to get a ton of incredible insight!


  • Website: jackquarles.com
  • Email: jack@jackquarles.com
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