“The key to being able to get closer to the truth, through understanding nonverbal behavior, is critical thinking.”  

-Mark Bowden

Whether or not we mean to, we have the tendency to form judgment about people from reading the visual cues that we experience like their facial expressions or the gestures they display through their body language.  We use these nonverbal signs to not only decide whether or not to trust them but also in order to help form clarity around the relationship.  But as you’ll learn from Mark Bowden, a repeat guest on the Grow My Revenue podcast, “we go out there and we try either consciously or unconsciously to read other peoples body language, when it’s nothing like a book.”

Mark is one of the foremost authorities on nonverbal communication and body language and this week we’re talking about his latest book that he co-authored with Tracey Thomson, Truth And Lies: What people are really thinking.  We also talk about the biggest misconceptions that people have when it comes to body language and we’ll talk about a specific approach or mindset that you can have for critical thinking so that you have the best chance at understanding someone’s body language so you can ultimately communicate more effectively with them.  

“It’s often about how you’re thinking about other people and the critical or non-critical way of thinking that ultimately decides how close you get to the truth and lies of that,” Mark says.

I know you’re going to love this discussion, and you’re going to learn a ton from Mark Bowden on this edition of Grow My Revenue!

Listen to this episode and discover:

  • Why nonverbal communication is not actually a language.
  • When you should suspend judgement – which we don’t do enough.
  • Why reading body language isn’t as helpful to people as they think it might be.
  • The definition of SCAN and how you can use it in the real world.
  • And so much more…

Episode Overview

Mark Bowden is an expert in human behavior and the creator of TRUTHPLANE®, a communication training company and unique methodology for anyone who has to communicate with impact to an audience.  Mark’s highly entertaining keynote speeches and training seminars teach audiences around the world how to use the most influential verbal and nonverbal language to stand out, win trust and gain credibility every time they speak.

In this episode, Mark talks about:

  • Why you should treat nonverbal communication as part of an intelligence system.
  • How nonverbal communication isn’t an “if this, then that” situation.
  • Why you need to bring in data from somewhere else to make a true judgement.

The key to being able to get closer to the truth through understanding nonverbal behavior is critical thinking,” Mark says, “it’s to be able to think better about body language, nonverbal communication, think better about the way other people are behaving and the context that that’s in.”

Tune in for all of these nuggets of wisdom, and more, on today’s Grow My Revenue with Mark Bowden.


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The Truth & Lies Of Nonverbal Communication

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