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“To make attention pay, it has to be to the right people, the right things, the right way.”

-Neen James

In this episode, I speak with repeat guest Neen James and we talk about her latest book, Attention Pays: How to Drive Profitability, Productivity and Accountability.  Neen’s new book spotlights the power of attention and absolute focus. Personally: WHO we pay attention to. Professionally: WHAT we pay attention to. And Globally: HOW we pay attention in the world—and to the world.

Neen and I also talk about the biggest misconception businesses have when it comes to attention, how to deal with people who want to have their cell phones out in meetings and the difference between each generation and how they understand attention.  Neen shares that “In business we think we’re paying attention, but we’re not.  We’re paying attention, but we’re paying attention to the wrong things.”

I know you’re going to love this discussion, and you’re going to learn a ton from Neen James in this episode of the podcast.

Listen to this episode and discover:

  • What Neen means by an “over-trilogy”
  • Why it literally pays when businesses pay attention.
  • How distractions are causing us to pay attention to the wrong things.
  • Why you should be paying attention to your attraction strategies and how you’re recruiting.
  • The difference between transactional attention and intentional attention.
  • And so much more…

Episode Overview

As a leadership coach and business mentor with an extensive corporate background, Neen understands the challenges (and opportunities) leaders encounter every day.  An attention and productivity expert, Neen also specializes in helping leaders boost their team’s performance and productivity.

In this episode, Neen talks about:

  • How the people that we interview to work for us are actually interviewing us.
  • The framework that people can learn from to provide better attention for their employees and their customers.
  • Ways you can make the interview process more special, beneficial and thoughtful.
  • The importance of using people’s names.
  • How you can learn from your employees that are part of a different generation.
  • What you can do immediately to embrace the idea that attention pays to benefit your business.

“We have a responsibility as leaders for ROA – – – Return On Attention”, Neen says, “We’ve got to start with us.  We’ve got to role model it so our team members see us doing the most important activities first.”

Tune in for all of these nuggets of wisdom, and more, in today’s edition with Neen James.


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What’s On Your Mind

As always, this episode provides inspiration, entertainment, and especially an actionable message that can drive remarkable results – and if you have any questions for a future episode, contact me.

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