“It’s about asking questions to understand what the customer is trying to accomplish…instead of talking about our own features and functionalities.”  – Jason Walker

If there’s any company that can teach us about growing sales, it’s GPS Insight. Over the past year, the company has grown their revenue by more than 30%, just by shifting their approach to selling.

Jason Walker, VP of Sales, is responsible for leading the company’s sales efforts. With the help and cooperation of his team, Jason has implemented a range of new techniques for qualifying prospects, securing contracts, and maintaining customer success.

Interestingly enough, Jason and his team implemented Same Side Selling in their business. He joins me on the podcast today to discuss how Same Side Selling helped him to rethink sales. We also talk about how he and the GPS Insight team expanded on my model in new and ingenious ways. You’re going to love this episode!

Listen to this episode and discover:

  • How Jason’s team integrated Same Side Selling into their sales efforts.
  • Some ways in which GPS Insight expanded on my ideas and methods.
  • The astounding results they’ve seen after making simple changes in their approach to selling.
  • And so much more…

Episode Overview

Organizations across North America turn to GPS Insight when they are sick of high fleet operating costs, worried about safety on the roads, and have inefficiencies that waste time and money.

When I met Jason and his team last year, less than 20% of his sales reps were meeting their monthly quota. Since then, their sales rep success rate has increased to more than 90%.

In this episode, Andrew talks about:

  • Some steps GPS Insight took to jumpstart their growth.
  • How they’ve implemented Same Side Selling across every aspect of their organization.
  • Getting reluctant reps on board with a new approach to sales.
  • What the team does to qualify prospects more effectively.
  • How they help their clients to measure the value that the software provides.

Jason explains that it’s been important for his team to learn how to ask better questions. This has enabled them to find better-fitting customers who are more likely to renew their subscriptions. It’s also allowed them to weed out prospects who wouldn’t benefit from the service that their software provides. “We don’t have any interest in selling something to someone if it’s not going to help them,” Jason says, “That doesn’t do them any good and it doesn’t do us any good.”

Tune in to this episode for some proven tips on growing sales. If you enjoyed the episode let our guest know by clicking one of the links below to send them a quick message:



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