Lee Salz is the author of the new book Sales Differentiation. In this episode, Lee gives us a glimpse into his nineteen sales differentiation strategies meant to help salespeople win deals while protecting margins. Lee’s concepts apply to any salesperson in any industry and are based on the foundation that “how you sell, not just what you sell, differentiates you.”  We discuss ways to stand out, not only in terms of your products and services but as a sales professional and for people on your team. You’re going to learn a ton from Lee Salz.

Listen and Discover

  • The biggest mistake professionals make when it comes to differentiation and how to avoid it.
  • Nineteen different strategies for sales differentiation that can help you stand out from the competition and compete on value versus price.
  • Why ‘how you sell, not what you sell, differentiates you’.
  • What it takes to ask great positioning questions.
  • Why the educated buyer may not be as educated about what it takes to purchase and implement your solution compared to you.
  • And much more…

“There’s sales differentiation around what you sell and sales differentiation around how you sell.” – Lee Salz

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