“I always saw people (in the sales world) leading with their wallet and not with their heart. And when you lead with the wallet first, you tend to do things to dehumanize yourself and dehumanize that other person.”  – Larry Levine

Are you really building credible relationships with your clients and prospects or are you just showing up to sell them something and then move on? Larry Levine, the author of Selling From The Heart, joins us to talk about how your authentic self sells you. We discuss how relationships are what will fuel your sales funnel and allow you to reach your sales goals.  

Listen and Discover

  • Strategies to help build credible relationships with your clients and your prospects.
  • How to avoid dehumanizing your interactions with prospects and client.
  • Methods that allow you to lead with your heart in an effort to help, not just sell. 
  • Why practice is critical to your success in sales and leadership.
  • How to be consistent with business growth.
  • And much more…

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