“Our brain doesn’t tell apart good things from bad things so we learn, we develop, good habits as quickly and as easily as we develop bad habits.”  

-Theo Tsaousides, Ph.D

Human beings are constantly learning. Learning is essential to our success. The trouble is, our brains don’t distinguish between good learning and bad learning. Put another way, the brain can’t differentiate between beliefs we’ve learned that serve us and thought patterns, or “blocks”, that keep us stuck.

My guest today says there are seven hidden brain blocks that prevent us from realizing our full potential. These brain blocks run in the background of our lives, often times sabotaging our goals and dreams. Because they operate mainly out of sight, most people aren’t aware they have these blocks until they reach critical mass.

On today’s edition of the Grow My Revenue podcast, I speak with international author, neuropsychologist and brain training expert Theo Tsaousides, Ph.D. Dr. Theo says these blocks can keep people from taking action toward their goals. “They try to get by on their own and these barriers can keep them stuck in place,” Dr. Theo says. “(These blocks) can keep them frustrated and overwhelmed.”

Dr. Theo and I talk about what specifically these seven brain blocks are, why they keep us stuck and what we can do about them.

I know you’re going to love this discussion, and you’re going to learn a ton from Dr. Theo on this edition of Grow My Revenue!

Listen to this episode and discover:

  • The 7 hidden brain blocks that create barriers to success.
  • Some common beliefs that keep us stuck.
  • Why the brain can’t distinguish between good beliefs and bad beliefs.
  • How we can begin to reverse the beliefs that are no longer serving us.
  • And so much more…

Episode Overview

Theo Tsaousides, Ph.D is a neuropsychologist, international author and speaker who helps people overcome their cognitive blocks so they can take action toward their goals. Dr. Theo is a brain-training expert. He has extensive clinical and research experience in cognitive rehabilitation, a set of interventions that aim to improve a person’s ability to perform cognitive tasks.

His training programs target the executive functions of the brain, a set of cognitive skills whose purpose is to ensure that goals lead to success. Through intensive strategy training and skill practice, he helps his clients achieve results in the pursuit of their own goals.

In this episode, Dr. Theo talks about:

  • How to recognize a “brain block” moment.
  • Why it’s important to interrupt neural feedback loops that don’t serve us.
  • What the neuroscience of action is.
  • Why giving structure to structure is so important.


“One of the biggest advantages, and also the biggest disadvantages, of our brains is that we learn fast,” Dr. Theo says. “The problem is that our brain doesn’t tell apart good things from bad things so we learn, we develop, good habits as quickly and as easily as we develop bad habits…unlearning (bad habits) is tough.”

Tune in for all of these nuggets of wisdom, and more, on today’s Grow My Revenue with Theo Tsaousides.


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