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– Tina Bean

Today’s episode features Tina Bean, the co-founder of VisiStat and KickFire. The origin of this conversation is a bit unusual: it started out as an interview for an article I was writing. As we talked I realized there was so much valuable information that I had to share it with you on the show.

As you most likely know, VisiStat and KickFire are two valuable tools that provide in-depth information and predictive intelligence for companies around the world. Today we spoke about the different ways her companies see the world of predictive intelligence and which tools are most valuable for which companies. You’ll learn so much from Tina on today’s episode of Grow My Revenue!

Listen to this episode and discover:

  • How do they make money if Kickfire is free?
  • What is the core mission of her team?
  • What is the biggest pain point their company solves?
  • Who they have partnered with and why.
  • What are technographics, and why they are important to you?
  • And so much more!

Episode Overview

VisiStat is the parent company of KickFire (and its related companies). The company itself was formed about 10 years ago by Tina Bean and her co-founder, Stephen Oachs. Stephen is the technology head and she operates the sales side of the business. As she jokes on today’s show she’s the beauty and he is the brains!

All kidding aside, VisiStat was started by Stephen to solve a problem he was having in his previous business, a web-hosting company that did database development and web site design. He wanted to free up more of his time, but his clients wanted him to pour over 60 pages of web logs with them.

So he went to market to find solutions. When he didn’t find anything he did what all great entrepreneurs do: he set out to build it on his own. That creation was the beginning of Visistat!

Tina knew Stephen and saw the value in his creation, and how it would impact the marketplace. They joined forces, incorporated and she started selling it. For the first four years she was the only sales person they had but now they employ 50 people and have generated millions of dollars in sales. Their company name is the gold standard in the marketplace today.

On this episode, I asked Tina what makes VisiStat and KickFire the gold standards, and she explained what both tools do for their customers.

VisiStat is the parent company of KickFire and both help you to gather information on the people who come to your site but never fill out any information. Without Visistat and Kickfire their data would be lost to you otherwise. The tools work by embedding tags on your web site. Those tags are able to read who visits your site, all through the visitors’ IP address.

KickFire was born because Tina and her team thought people might want information about companies that don’t visit their site too. It was started as an API. When they say the valuable data they were mining they wanted to put it in the hands of sales team. All the information they were finding would help sales professionals to garner prospecting information on any web site they go to
once the tool is installed.

KickFire is a Chrome plugin that will provide firmagraphics, and technograhics of that company. The firmagraphics are things like the number of employees, annual revenue, etc. Kickfire’s partners will also allow you to drill into the context inside of the company.

The technographic information you can get from KickFire means you can find what other related services they are using. Say for example you are on a web site and you sell a CRM. If you pull into the technographics services of Kickfire you can see what else they use: are they using Marketo, Adroll or any other retargeting services? The technographics will tell you, which can help in your sales conversations.

On this edition of Grow My Revenue, Tina explains how VisiStat’s different tools provide valuable predictive intelligence, much of it for free. This is another episode chock-full of accessible knowledge you can put to use right away, hear it all with Tina Bean!



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