Did you know that video content in 2019 is exactly where we were in 1996 with harnessing email as a sales tool? Those that do not get on board with video as an essential sales tool are going to be left behind. On this episode, Marcus Sheridan shares how to create video content that can help drive revenue. He also explains why video needs to be used primarily as a sales tool, not a marketing play.

Marcus Sheridan leads one of the most successful digital sales and marketing agencies in the country. You’re going to learn a ton from Marcus!

Listen and Discover

  • Why Video is a primarily Sales tool.
  • Seven categories of videos that you should create to help drive sales and revenue.
  • How to integrate video into the sales process.
  • What types of videos help disarm customers and build trust.
  • The impact of putting a ‘bio video’ in your email signature can have on your business.
  • How to create a culture of video in-house for your organization.
  • And much more…

“The mistake that a lot of companies make is they see video as a marketing play. Fundamentally, video is a trust play that is all about sales that happens to benefit marketing.”  – Marcus Sheridan

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