The best CRM is the one your people will use!

– Zvi Band

Are you using your current CRM for the best possible benefits to your business? Joining us to shed light on the world of CRMs is Zvi Band of Contactually, a CRM on the market today.

Zvi is here to talk about the secrets of the CRM industry, the biggest mistakes people make when networking, and the false metrics so often used to measure performance. He gives the nitty-gritty details on all of and more on today’s edition of Grow My Revenue.

Listen to this episode and discover:

  • How should you categorize your different contacts?
  • What is Dunbar’s number and what does it have to do with your network?
  • What is mind share and how do you apply it to better connect with your contacts?
  • How do you stay top of mind with your most important connections?
  • What is the biggest issue people face when using CRMs to grow their relationships?
  • And so much more!

Episode Overview

Having been at the helm of Contactually, Zvi has an in-depth knowledge of the CRM market today. So when asked what the biggest failures are most people make when networking, he had a lot of insights to share.

First and foremost, most people focus on meeting new contacts rather than digging into their existing relationships. This is true of sales and marketing in general: it’s like the shiny object syndrome applied to people. And the reason most focus on meeting new people is that it is easier than the work and discipline required to go deeper with existing contacts.

You and your team can set yourselves apart right there: by consistently following up, engaging and staying in touch with your network you’ll create more powerful relationships than your competitors. It takes a conscientious effort to do so, but you’ll reap the rewards.

Another bad habit many people fall into is the false metrics trap. Often people use their CRMs to focus on the quantity of their activity, not the quality. So it becomes about how many emails were sent out, how many phone calls were made versus how many people actually opened and responded to those emails and how many actual, real and valuable conversations were created.

Too often people miss out by using their CRM tools to focus on the numbers rather than the depth of connections made in their daily activity. Zvi says to go for depth, rather than the industry-standard of breadth.

Also today, he sheds light on the biggest pitfalls of the CRM world. He says the industry is such a broad category that most people go for one of the big ones like Salesforce or Dynamics, etc. Too often people go with one of the biggest players but it doesn’t meet their needs so they give up on CRMs all together.

To avoid that pitfall, find the one that best fits your business needs. Do some research and look for a CRM tool that will give you exactly what you need. And a surefire sign you’ve found the right one: your people actually use it!

To wrap up the show Zvi also discusses the biggest issues people face when using CRMs to grow their relationships, and the two ways he sees the industry evolving as a whole going in the next five years. Today’s episode of Grow My Revenue is an insightful look at the CRM world as a whole, and how best to utilize any CRM tool you invest in.


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