Hosted by renowned keynote speaker, business expert, and bestselling author Ian Altman. Ian features sales and business topics, as well as insight from industry leaders with proven success. Tune-in to the Same Side Selling podcast for inspiration, entertainment, and especially actionable takeaway messages that can drive remarkable results.

Recent Podcast Episodes

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Understanding Today’s B2B Buyer | Jack Quarles

December 9, 2018
B2B procurement veteran, Jack Quarles understands how companies buy. On this episode, Jack shares new and more innovative ways to work with B2B purchasing and procurement. 
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Speak Comfortably To A Crowd Of Any Size | Amy Port

December 1, 2018
Are you ready to crush your next pitch, meeting, or presentation? Amy Port, the Co-Founder and President of Heroic Public Speaking shares specific strategies that are sure to help you improve your public speaking while achieving greater results with anyone that you interact with.
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Hidden Networks That Can Transform Your Career And Life | David Burkus

November 25, 2018
David Burkus, best-selling author joins us to share a startling new look at the art and science of networking.
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Gain Customer Insight The Right Way | Bob London

November 17, 2018
Bob London shares proven techniques to help you better understand your customer needs and perspective.
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The Key to Selling is Trust | Ian Altman

Avoid The Sales Quota Trap | Ian Altman

November 10, 2018
On this episode, I share insight to help you get on the same side with your client when handling deadlines and sales quotas in a way that's beneficial for everyone.
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Recruiting Strategies To Build a High-Performance Sales Force | Sean Sykes

November 5, 2018
Sean Sykes, CEO of Peak Sales Recruiting, shares how you can find and attract the best candidates for your team.
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Rethinking the Customer Experience | Geoff Ramm

October 28, 2018
Geoff Ramm shares how to discover (and fix) the gap in your service you never knew existed.
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Overcoming Fear in Sales And Business | Waldo Waldman

October 20, 2018
There is a misperception that top performers are fearless and nothing stands in their way. Waldo Waldman says nothing could be further from the truth. During this episode discover how peak performers have the ability to take their fear, acknowledge it, and still perform despite it.
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The Key to Selling is Trust | Ian Altman

What Distinguishes a Good Sales Team from a Great One?

October 14, 2018
There are a few key factors that distinguish great sales teams from everyone else. Tune in if you're looking to take your team to the next level!
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The 60 Second Sale | Dave Lorenzo

October 7, 2018
Dave Lorenzo joins me to discuss his book, 60 Second Sale: The Ultimate System for Building Lifelong Client Relationships in the Blink of an Eye.  You're probably asking yourself, "60 seconds? How could anyone possibly make a sale in one minute?" Tune in to find out how Dave’s method can help salespeople perform better.
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