Modernize Your Sales & Marketing For Today’s Customers

Companies like Allstate Financial & Thermofisher Scientific call on Ian Altman as a keynote speaker to modernize their sales and marketing to align with research on how customers actually make buying decisions.

Highly Interactive Keynote Speaker

Ian involves the audience and delivers on-the-fly role plays with participants to demonstrate how his concepts work in the real world. As a bestselling author and columnist for and, you can count on Ian to provide concrete steps to modernize your sales and marketing to achieve results, not hype. Through advance planning, Ian ensures that attendees are engaged with a message tailored to your organization. They’ll laugh, learn, and leave the keynote session inspired to make a difference.

Actionable Impact

If you can’t measure the impact of your keynote speaker on your audience, then why bother? Ian shares actionable steps that he used as CEO in building the value of his former companies beyond $1 billion.  

Survey Says…

Ian takes the time to completely understand your event goals and how you wish to change behavior. By taking time in advance to understand the audience and your objectives, Ian is fortunate to receive pretty high marks in surveys:

95% of Ian’s audience rate him as one of the top 5 presenters they’ve ever seen

35% rate him as the best speaker they’ve ever seen

It’s not just hype or made-up numbers. We’d be happy to share the unedited survey results over the past twelve months so you know what to expect.

Watch videos of Ian in action

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Ian is often invited to inspire audiences with these popular topics:


What's Your Client Really Thinking?

Are your sales and marketing efforts aligned with how your clients make decisions? Do you ever feel that you are working against your customer? Ian Altman’s highly interactive session will help your team transform the sales process to a cooperative, collaborative mindset based on his bestselling book, Same Side Selling. Ian guides the audience through proven methods to shorten sales cycles by aligning with how customers make decisions.

Attendees discover how to get inside their client’s mind to sell on value vs. price and increase sales with integrity. Your attendees will leave with actionable steps they can take to deliver proven results.

Modernize Your Sales And Marketing

Old methods of sales and marketing just don’t work anymore. Modernize your Sales and Marketing to reflect today’s business trends. Ian’s approach helps companies significantly accelerate sales by embracing current and emerging trends in buyer behavior.

In this highly interactive session, Ian shares insights on trends that influence how buyers and sellers interact. Ian will inspire action to propel you ahead of the competition. Do a Google search for business trends and Ian’s content certainly shows up at the top of organic search results. You can count on Ian for the latest research combined with practical take-away messages. He’ll educate, entertain, inspire, and your audience might even have some fun.

Ian combined entertainment with education and inspiration. Ian keep everyone fully engaged while delivering real-world strategies and tactics to help drive growth for the participating companies. We measure the impact by how long the attendees talk about the session – months later, Ian’s session is still a topic of conversation with with attendees ranging from sales professionals through the C-Suite.

Chris Miller

Executive Director, Professional Systems Network International (PSNI)

Our team found Ian to be engaging, entertaining, and thought provoking. We can easily implement his message about value selling.

Mark Zacur

Vice President and General Manager, Thermo Fisher Scientific

Ian energized our team with strategies, tools, and most importantly confidence to stand out from the competition and best serve our accounts. Ian tailored his examples to our world, making it easy to implement the concepts and see immediate tangible success. We loved his session, and can’t wait to bring him back for more.

Amy Shah

Vice President Sales and Marketing, Johnson & Johnson

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There’s no need to guess about what it costs for Ian to speak at your event. Ian’s fees range from $16,000 to $30,000 for keynote addresses and workshops. We often quote a flat fee for travel. In the continental United States, air travel is generally 10% of the speaking fee. Please contact us to get specific information for your event.