Keynote Videos


Ian Altman – Excerpt from Corporate Keynote (8 minutes). 

Concept: Checking In, Results and Same Side Quadrants


Ian Altman – Excerpt from Corporate Keynote (8 minutes). 

Concept: Price vs Value


Ian Altman – Excerpt from Corporate Keynote (3 minutes). 

Concept: Entice Disarm Discover


Ian Altman – Excerpt from Corporate Keynote (4 minutes).

Concept: How Executives Make Decisions


Ian Altman – 20 minute segment from Keynote address in Manchester, England UK 

About Ian


Start here to see if you want to learn more about Ian Altman.  (~90 seconds)


Ian Altman – Preview 

Concept: Price Matters Most When The Seller Believes Price Matters Most (5 minutes).

Client Testimonials


What Others Have To Say About Ian. (2:02)


Ian Altman – A Joint Webinar with The List (58 minutes).

Concept: How to Become Outrageously Successful at Agency New Business

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