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What To Do If Your Clients Don't Have Problems You Solve
What To Do If Clients Don’t Have Problems You Solve

Have you ever been talking to a potential client only for them to say they don't have any problems you can solve? On today's special solo show, I'll be sharing a specific example of how one listener can address this in his business. You'll hear how to apply it to your industry as well.

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The difference between a good event and a great event often comes down to the speaker. Clients rely on Ian to educate, engage, entertain, and inspire audiences to enable dramatic growth.

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Discover how Ian’s strategic guidance will help you produce more revenue from fewer opportunities.

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Same Side Selling

Discover how to make the sales process easier & more productive.


Same Side Selling gives practical steps to break through sales barriers and turn confrontation into cooperation.

Sellers that implement the Same Side Selling approach will be seen as a valuable resource, not a predatory peddler.

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